Human Service Collaborative

Collaborative Community Impact

The Plymouth Community United Way Human Service Collaborative mission is to “Make a Positive Impact in our Community.” By creating a functioning, effective network of churches, organizations, agencies and public service groups we can give a hand to community residents in dealing with specific issues that just one resource may not be able to help with. Approaching problems in a collaborative effort allows us to make a positive impact on a family’s or an individual’s life.

A recent example of where a collaborative approach to a problem made a substantial impact on a family’s life involved a family of six. They needed assistance involving some major remodeling in their home. In this case, the St. Vincent De Paul Society at Our Lady of Good Counsel, the Plymouth Community United Way, and The Salvation Army Plymouth Corps partnered to offer assistance with removal, repair, and replacements needed to refurbish the home. We also received an offer that is being explored from St. John’s Episcopal Church to assure proper installation of the new utilities.

The intent of the collaborative is to combine our resources so that we can give the help that is needed and no one group depletes their financial resources, thus providing assistance to more people. It also prevents duplication of our efforts. We have offered aid in cases where a family’s problem does not fit into the guidelines of other assistance programs. “Our goal has been to help in situations that fall between the cracks,” says Marie Morrow, President, Plymouth Community United Way.

In the history of our great nation, Americans have repeatedly come to the aid of neighbors in need. It’s a prime example of how the old idea of caring for one another has become new again.