About Us

About Us

Each United Way is independently governed by a local volunteer board, in order to best meet our local needs and opportunities. We must, however, adhere to a stringent set of membership standards that focus on governance, ethics, financial management, and general operations.

Your local United Way, Plymouth Community United Way (PCUW), brings together citizens, community leaders, businesses, the faith community, government, non-profit organizations, and other institutions to determine the most critical human issues that require collective, not just individual, action. These issues range from basic human needs (like food, shelter and emergency assistance) to emerging and growing issues (like the need for affordable housing, services, and support for seniors, and positive youth development). PCUW then raises money locally in an annual campaign, generates other revenue outside of the campaign, secures non-cash in-kind resources, and advocates for sound public policy, along with employing other relevant strategies in order to produce concrete results.

Morrow Adds Up Service

Marie Morrow remembers transcribing minutes from Board of Directors’ meetings of the Plymouth Community Fund on a typewriter. Two organizational name changes and 32 years later, Morrow leads the nonprofit now known as Plymouth Community United Way.

A lot has changed since Morrow was hired by the nonprofit organization, but not the mission. The focus remains to reach out and serve human needs in Plymouth, Canton and Western Wayne County.

“It’s been challenging over the years, taking it from a totally volunteer organization to the professional organization it is today,” said Morrow, Plymouth Community United Way president. “It’s a business. We’re in the business of helping people and helping make the community a vibrant place to live, work and raise a family. We’re making a difference in people’s lives.”