Dental Emergency

Plymouth Dental Fund

The Plymouth Dental Fund is a partnership between Plymouth Community United Way and the Salvation Army Plymouth Corps to provide emergency dental treatment to underprivileged people in our community of all ages and genders.

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Contact the Salvation Army to be directed to a participating dentist in Plymouth or Canton for evaluation and treatment.

The Salvation Army
9451 S. Main Street, Plymouth, MI 48170
Phone: (734) 453-5464

Emergency Treatment

  • Treatment will be emergency in nature.
  • Treatment is intended to stabilize the patient by eliminating or minimizing discomfort.
  • No prosthetic or aesthetic treatment.
  • Medications will be minimal in nature (antibiotics & normal uses pain medication).
  • Any additional non-emergency treatment will only be performed if the patient is willing and able to reimburse the dentist independent of the Salvation Army and Plymouth Community United Way.


The screening process is performed by the Salvation Army Plymouth Corps. If the patient meets the eligibility criteria for treatment, it will be at the discretion of the dentist to accept or decline the case.

A dentist will perform the needed treatment based on an EMERGENCY NEED ONLY, not aesthetic or non-emergency care.