Student United Way

P-CEP Student United Way

A student-led solution to our community’s biggest needs.

P-CEP Student United Way will work to determine our communities’ biggest needs (in education, financial stability, and health), then we will work to meet those needs through community service, activism, and fundraising.

Please contact Chris Miller at with any questions.

Current Project

The Student United Way is currently working on a project for The Michigan Foster Care Closet. The organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit that currently operates on a 100% volunteer basis. They are there to help families who have foster children placed in their homes, who predominately come to them with the cloths on their backs and that’s where The Michigan Foster Care Closet comes into play.

The Plymouth Community Student United Way has made 26 throw blankets for the Foster Care Closet for adults.  2/10/2021

The Student United Way is a group of High School students that work to determine our community’s biggest needs (in education, financial stability and health). They work to meet those needs through community service, activis and fundraising.